The Best 12 Cafes and Breakfast Restaurants of Istanbul (2023 Updated) – Arnavutkoy Bosphorus Edition

Is there a better weekend strategy than receiving 100 times the amount of calories consumed during an early-morning walk on the Kuruçeşme – Arnavutköy – Bebek line? Arnavutkoy is the jewel of the Bosphorus line and we’ve produced a list of nice and entertaining Arnavutkoöy breakfast spots as well as cafes.

For those who say, “Who will wake up early on the weekend, let’s make brunch, breakfast or dessert + coffee,” we have also included the sweetest cafes in Arnavutköy. These are the best breakfast spots in Istanbul with a great view.

Having a long breakfast in Turkey is a tradition, especially on weekends. Turkish breakfast includes many different types of foods. Based on the region Turkish breakfast changes. However, Turkish breakfast is the best breakfast in the whole world.

In the east side of Turkey, meat or meat-based soups are very popular. In the Aegean side of Turkey such as Izmir, green leaves are must eat delicious breakfast cuisine. However, Istanbul’s breakfast style is much more different than the other parts of Turkey.

In Istanbul, a long breakfast is a must during the weekends. Breakfast with many different foods and expanding this into a long-hour activity is a popular choice. In Istanbul, breakfast location especially with a Bosphorus view is very popular. Especially Arnavutkoy is the most popular breakfast spot in Istanbul.

The reason why Arnavutkoy is the most popular breakfast location lies under its location. During the nice weather, after your breakfast with a Bosphorus view, you can walk next to the sea. Bosphorus line walk with a great view makes you feel great. As you eat a lot in Turkish breakfast, a long walk next to the sea with a great Bosphorus view makes you feel great. This will also help you to digest too.

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The Best Breakfast Restaurants & Cafes in Arnavutköy


You won’t find a more indulgent breakfast than Any in Arnavutköy. If you feel like you deserve one after a Sunday stroll along the Bosphorus line. The large hardwood table, which is on the venue’s upper floor and has a view of the ocean, is furnished as though it were from a movie set where a feast is being filmed.

Location: Google Maps

A Bit of Eggo

As the name implies, this cafe/breakfast establishment, opened in Arnavutköy in 2018. This restaurant has an entire menu devoted to egg alternatives. In the same spot that organic eggs are used in some bread options. In this delicious Arnavutkoy restaurant you can also find delectable desserts. Eggomania with melted cheese, Scrambled Eggo with sausage, and avocado puree on sourdough bread are all delicious!

Location: Google Maps

Melina Cantina

One of Arnavutköy’s delicious venues, Melina Kantina, debuted in 2018. The restaurant was founded by Melina Abdo, an American mother, and an Antakyan father.

It combines the culinary traditions of the two places. Emerging fusion flavors include avocado toast with pistachios and pink scrambled eggs with beetroot sauce and honey.

Location: Google Maps

Hide Arnavutkoy

Hide Like its name suggests, Arnavutköy is a hidden paradise. When you enter, you find a pleasant area with a sizable garden and trees, despite the fact that the four walls appear to be a place from the outside.

There are more options for breakfast and lunch at Hide, a cafe-patisserie. It offers breakfast from 9:00 until 15:00 and lunch from 12:00 until 20:00. There are both Turkish alternatives like eggs with sausage and alpharanga options like Croque Madame or beef bacon with mushrooms on brioche bread on the menu.

Location: Google Maps

Bakery Miss Delicious

The tiny Miss Delicious Bakery in Arnavutköy has sweet flavours concealed inside. You can drop by for a coffee and dessert break instead of breakfast. Red Velvet cake is highly well-liked. Young cooks will be employed in cookie seminars for the age range of 4 to 7. For your special days, you can get cakes from them as well.

Location: Google Maps

Cutie Cake Co

An excellent selection of cakes for birthdays, engagements, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers can be found at Cutie Cake Co. You can also think about the catering menu for your special days. This place is a location for coffee and dessert rather than breakfast.

Address: Google Maps

Xunta Arnavutkoy

It’s a cozy setting where you can enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee, shop for designer goods, and catch live DJ performances on Saturday nights. Mondays are a holiday.

Location: Google Maps

Chado Tea Shop

Let’s take you to Chado Tea Shop if you wish to get lost in the large selection of teas there. Additionally, exquisite teapots, glasses, and utensils for your home tea rituals are available here. Our favorite oolong tea is the kind with subtle milk flavors. One of the original cafes in Arnavutkoy to enjoy the setting.

Location: Google Maps

Wuufbox Cafe

They ought to provide a cafe where your adorable buddies may mingle and feel comfortable. While you sip your coffee and catch up with friends in this cafe, your dog can mingle with other canines. Additionally, it is a store where you can get all the supplies your gorgeous buddies require.

Location: Google Maps

Froses Floral Cafe

The newest location on the list is Froses. The location, which debuted in 2019 with the idea of a florist cafe, has already begun to flood Instagram with pictures of rose branches.

Even those who only took pictures before leaving existed. Its entirely pink decor is reminiscent of comparable structures found abroad, particularly in London and New York.

Location: Google Maps


With its hidden garden and serene ambiance, Kavanoz Jar is one of Arnavutköy’s prettiest nooks. With its handcrafted breads, salty galettes, and salads, Kavanoz is the perfect cafe for breakfast. It is also great for coffee breaks, or lunchtime snacks during the day.

In the nights, however, its bar concept gives it an entirely new appearance. Pets are welcome anywhere. It is called a jar for a reason. At the entrance, huge jars filled with various candles and room perfumes are for sale. It is made known to people looking for unique house gifts.

Location: Google Maps

Rustique Kitchen

A bistro called Rustique Kitchen serves breakfast items on handmade bread made only with sourdough starters. It almost serves breakfast all day. Successful combinations include Zi’s Favorite with smoked meat from toast, avocado, and two-eyed eggs, and Dani’s Favorite with potato waffles. You can choose from at least ten different types of bread at home because there is also an artisanal bakery nearby. The staff members are courteous and caring.

Although the outdoor area is somewhat modest, the interior is remarkably comfortable on wet days.

Location: Google Maps

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