Best Bars in Istanbul (2023 Updated) – Arnavutkoy Edition

When the nightlife of Asmalmescit and Cihangir in Istanbul slowed down, it first moved to Karaköy and later to Arnavutköy. Arnavutköy is home to some of the hottest bars in recent memory. Arnavutkoy bars and nightlife are famous for their expertise in the art of cocktails. The proximity of everything makes bar-hopping easy.

While at Arnavutköy, we advise you to start the night with raki and fish. Then you can move to Arnavutkoy Bars and the nightlife. It is quite packed, the main reason is many of the places are high-end. Moreover, even though Arnavutkoy has an amazing Bosphorus view, many of the Arnavutkoy Bars or Arnavutkoy nightlife scene doesn’t have any view. The bars and nightlife clubs in Arnavutkoy are mainly next to the road or in a narrow alley. This might be a downside for tourists but definitely an interesting aspect for locals.

The Arnavutkoy nightlife is mainly crowded by locals and it is not easy to spot tourists. That is why, if you want to meet local people or have the feeling of real Istanbul nightlife, we definitely advise you to go Arnavutkoy.

Arnavutkoy is also live in the mornings too! After a long night, breakfast is a must. As Arnavutkoy is next to Bosphorus with an amazing view, the breakfasts in here are also amazing! Check our Best Istanbul Breakfast Restaurants – Arnavutkoy Edition for more!

Alexandra Cocktail Bar

The busiest cocktail lounge in Arnavutköy. It will be evident to you from the line at the door. This cocktail bar has three floors, and each one plays a different type of music.

Alexandra is a cocktail bar with few but necessary selections. All of the cocktails are wonderful and very nicely balanced. For those who want light sweets, we suggest Yuki, and for those who prefer tart and less sweet flavors, Maestro. Of course, this location, like many cocktail bars, also features a restaurant.

Summertime is a great time to enjoy the rooftop patio, but it may get fairly crowded. You’ll get the nicest corner if you arrive at Alexandra Cocktail Bar early.

Address: Google Maps


Any can be considered a cornerstone in Arnavutköy. Any establishment offers a variety of meals throughout the day, including a healthy breakfast, a brunch buffet with many selections. For lunch, it follows light salads and nibbles for lunch, lively night fare, and the idea of a cocktail bar.

As you can see, it’s one of the places where it’s simple to establish a regular routine. Small, not cramped, two stories, and extremely popular Arnavutkoy Bar and Nightlife spots. On the weekends, there is either live music or a DJ performance.

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Brasserie Di Dante

You may discover pub-style items at Brasserie di Dante, which opened in Arnavutköy in place of another popular Arnavutkoy spot.

Ideal for having a pleasant conversation and getting together with friends during the day. After midnight each night, DJ performances are also held.

Address: Google Maps

Goose No. 25

One of Arnavutköy’s well-known cocktail bars, Goose No. 25, is a nice location with a backyard that resembles a Marrakech-style environment and is cool in the summer.

In reality, it is between Kuruçeşme and Arnavutköy rather than in the actual center of Arnavutköy. You can anticipate finding snacks like chicken sandwiches, ravioli, pasta, and fries to go with your beverage.

Address: Google Maps

Xunta Cafe Cocktail Bar

When you visit during the day, you may find designer things, sip coffee, and have a snack there.

In the evening, a live DJ will perform, and there will be a welcoming bar ambiance.

Address: Google Maps

Weber’s Kitchen Bar

A welcoming pub tucked down in Arnavutköy’s back alleyways. Snacks like nachos, tacos, and french fries are available to go with your beer and cocktail. Mondays are a holiday.

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Turko Loco

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