Restaurants in Istanbul with Michelin Stars have been announced by the Michelin Guide

Turkish Michelin Guide Gather around, the year 2023 restaurants have been announced—every gourmet has been waiting for them! We were all thrilled when Michelin Guide revealed that Istanbul had been added to their list of new destinations. After carefully reviewing each application, the Michelin Guide decided to include 53 restaurants in Istanbul, giving foodies from around the world a wide array of options.

For a restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star, they need to have a special course meal menu curated by the chef. That’s why we are not suggesting any specific meal as we assume you will be taking the chef’s special tasting menu.

The Michelin Guide is what? Let’s be clear for those who claim that The Michelin Guide, dubbed the “world’s most prestigious restaurant rating system,” is a book that awards stars to high-end, exemplary restaurants. The following is a list of our Istanbul restaurants that made it into such an esteemed directory:

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Istanbul 2023 flavor map from Michelin

The following are the definitions of Michelin Awards and Stars:

1 star: A very good restaurant in its category that offers a worthwhile dining experience (High-quality cooking, worth a stop)

2 stars: An excellent dining experience that justifies taking a different route (Excellent cooking, worth a detour)

3 stars: Outstanding cuisine, deserving of special travel.

Restaurant with a Michelin Green Star that takes a gastronomically superior sustainable approach (Gastronomy and sustainability)

Restaurants that receive the Bib Gourmand Award are those that offer high-quality food at reasonable prices (Good quality, good value cooking)

Restaurant with 2 Michelin stars: Turk Fatih Tutak

Turkish cuisine expertly made by Chef Fatih Tutak with his own style may be found at Turk Fatih Tutak, which has managed to become Istanbul’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant. The restaurant adds a special and fresh flavor to traditional Turkish meals because to its zero waste philosophy and extensive use of preservation methods like fermentation and dry ripening.

Bomonti, Cumhuriyet Hacahmet Silahşör Caddesi, Yeniyol Sokak No:2, Işli, Istanbul is where you can find Turk Fatih Tutak.

One Starred Michelin Restaurants


Mikla is one of the most delectable locations to learn about Turkey’s product variety and top-notch cuisine thanks to Mehmet Gürs’ menu, which he established by respectfully incorporating innovative touches into Anatolian cuisine. When you consider the exquisite 360-degree view of Istanbul in Mikla you can experience it throughout your meal. Also, the vegan cuisine that Mehmet Gürs always crafts with care for those who don’t consume animal products, Mikla is one of the restaurants that merit a Michelin star.

Mikla address: Tepebaş/Beyolu, Istanbul, Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:15, 18th floor (18th level). On top of Marmara Pera Hotel


Michelin-starred restaurant Nicole is one of the exquisite addresses packed with unique flavors created by Chef Serkan Ersoy and his staff. Nicole takes its name from Sister Agnés Marthe Nicole, one of the past proprietors of the building where it is housed. This location, which offers a completely unique dining and drinking experience with its remarkable tweaks to classic Turkish food. Nicole should surely be included in your list of places to visit.

Address for Nicole is Tomtom Kaptan Sokak No. 18 in Beyoglu, Istanbul.


With its serene location in Yeniköy that will make you feel far away from the city’s clamor and the excellent meals cooked by Chef Zeynep Pnar Taşdemir, Araka. Restaurant Araka is one of the Michelin-starred restaurants that should be explored without delay. In detail, spices are also employed in a very balanced way on the menu, where vegetables and herbs take center stage, making it easy to appreciate each season right away.

Back address: Yeniköy/Saryer, Istanbul, Closed Grocery Street No. 8


Neolokal, one of the most well-known restaurants in the city, serves traditional Anatolian meals with modern twists. All of the menu items are created by Chef Maksut Aşkar. In respect, each food they prepare is a work of beauty, inspired both by mother earth and by our traditions

Arap Camii Mahallesi, Bankalar Caddesi No:11/1, Beyolu, Istanbul, Neolocal address

Neolokal received a Michelin Green Star for its sustainable restaurant.

We can state that the Michelin Green Star Award, also known as the Michelin Green Star Award, is given to exceptional restaurants that have succeeded in the gastronomy and sustainability fields and that can serve as an inspiration to all customers, restaurants, and chefs in terms of sustainability. We are fortunate to have such a restaurant in Istanbul.

In addition to receiving one Michelin star, Neolokal and Chef Maksut Aşkar also managed to take home the Michelin Guide Istanbul’s Green Star Award! Moreover, Neolokal is one of the places you should surely experience because of the respect they show for the Turkish culinary tradition, the careful selections they make among local ingredients, their environmentalist approach, and their awareness of sustainability.

Sunset Grill & Bar is a restaurant with a Michelin Service Award.

The Michelin Service Award winner was Sunset Grill & Bar. It is also known as the Michelin Service Award! One of the places that are determined to make your day better with its great service. Moreover with amiable personnel, and a spectacular setting is a restaurant that leaves delectable tastes on the palates of gourmets. The meals are carrying the influences of classical French and Asian cuisine and sushi selections.

Address for Sunset Grill & Bar in Ulus, Istanbul is Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Yol Soka No:2.

The following restaurants have won the Bib Gourmand Award:

Below restaurants in Istanbul have received the Bib Gourmand Award, which is granted to eateries with reasonable prices but excellent food and service:

Karaköy Lokantası

Aheste (our favorite, great location. You can hang out closeby bars after dinner)



SADE Beş Denizler Mutfağı


Alaf – Check out a detailed Alaf review from our Alaf Article!

Aman da Bravo



Other restaurants that took place in Michelin Guide İstanbul 2023:



St. Regis Brasserie


1924 İstanbul







Balıkçı Kahraman





Çok Çok Thai

Kubbeli Lounge

Sofyalı 9

Eleos Beyoğlu

Yeni Lokanta




Kiss the frog

Rumelihisarı İskele


Lokanta 1741






İnari Omakase Kuruçeşme (Locals love this place. Best sushi in Istanbul in our opinion)



Park Fora

Turko Loco

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