Istanbul Aquarium – World’s Largest Aquarium

Istanbul has a lot to offer and Istanbul aquarium is one of them. By being the largest aquarium in the world, Istanbul aquarium offer amazing sea life aquarium in the world even better than the Dubai Aquarium.

When compared with theother aquariums Istanbul Aquarium has the largest fish species living in the world’s seas. Aquarium has amazing thematization, interaction, underwater tunnel, rainforest, and great technology.

Istanbul Aquarium is located in Aqua Florya shopping mall located in Florya which in Europe side of Istanbul. Aquarium is near the sea and also has a great sea view, which you should definately walk after the aquarium visit.

Istanbul aquarium holds the largest tanks, sea species including dolphins, octopus and interesting fish species.

Istanbul Aquarium Tunnel
Istanbul Aquarium’s Tunnel

Even the Aquarium is inside the shopping mall, sea life is spectacular and even being in shopping mall it is the largest aquarium ever. The decorative elements, underwater tunnel shows you all aspects of the sea life in aquarium.

The aquarium is manages by the specialists in their field where fish and species including dolphins are taken a very good care. As being the largest aquarium they also have a very large staff.

Some metrics about the aquarium follows:

  • Aquarium has 7.000 cubic meter water tanks
  • 22.000 square meter of sea life which is world’s largest
  • Thousands of parking space as it is in shopping mall
  • Access with Marmaray (Florya station) right in fron of the shopping mall
  • Spectacular sea life, marine life with giant tank aquarium
  • 1.500 species including tiger sharks, pacific ocean species, shark, fish, sea life creatures, sting rays
  • Many restaurants in the shopping mall
  • Easy access from Istanbul city center
  • One of the largest tunnels in the world
Largest shark in the aquarium
Largest shark in the aquarium

As by November ticket prices are free for 0-2 years old, 315 TL (appx. 16 USD) for adults.

Transportation is very easy to this great spot, as there are bus and trains all around Istanbul. To visit the shopping mall and aquarium, you can get off at Florya Akvaryum spot with Marmaray. From Istanbul city center you can also take Metrobus get off at Besyol Station and take a minibus to Florya Istanbul Aquarium spot which is the last stop. There is also a service to one of the world’s biggest aquarium from Sultanahmet which you can check it through their website.

17.000 thousands sea life species in the world’s largest aquarium with spectacular marine life and one of the largest sharks.

Diving in the aquarium
you can dive in the istanbul aquarium

The aquarium in Florya shoppingmall has thousands of sea life creatures, many tanks with thousands of species and sharks living in them. There are 17 different tanks, and themes with one rain forest inside the aquarium. From black sea to pacific ocean the aquarium has different species all around the world in their tanks.

What we really loved about the aquarium is the red belly pirannas roaming in the aquarium tank in a herd. Moreover there are lemon sharks in the aquarium which are the biggest mammal of the aquarium. The interesting thing about the sharks is that they never sleep or rest because when the sharks stop moving in the tank they cannot breath.

In the aquarium tank there are also region specific marine life too such as black sea specific Russian catfish, which they have been in the Blacksea since the ages of dinasours so they have been same for the 5 million of year.

Other than shark there are many different species of marine life such as poisonous sea animals as in clown animal. An interesting fact is that the grouper fish in the tank of aquarium usually change gender through out their life.

Rain forest in the Istanbul Aquarium
There is a rain forest in the Istanbul Aquarium

Not only sea life aquarium, feeding species, great location for visitors, amazing family entertainment, children friendly zone and big tanks, aquarium also has the Europe’s biggest snake too!

Other than the marine animals, sharks, rays or sea realted attractions there are also 2,5 meteres of anakonda snake, Gentoo Penguins and rain forest in the aquarium.

Another great interactive entertainment other than walking in the tunnel is to explore the underwater with sharks. You can do 30 mins interactive diving in the tanks in which you can swim with shark, rays and other animals in the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

So as last we definately recommend for you to visit Florya Aquarium. It is a good place to visit with friends, family or children that offers best underwater entertainment in Europe. From it’s sharks, sting rays, rainforest, attractions, underwater explore, being located in a great mall next to the sea to walk around it is a good spot to spend several hours.

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